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    Margarita Cabrera

    Margarita Cabrera, Inside/Outside, installation, 1997

    About the Artist

    "My main concern is to create disjunction and dislocation in my work. This has a particular resonance for me. As a Mexican-American, I have traveled from one cultural context into another. This is foundational to my experience of art. Although, I do not refer directly to specifics of this transformation, I have made issues of dislocation central to my work. I try to create a comparative relationship between body image, and a more mechanical world of systems and structures.

    "Most of my pieces tend to draw the viewer to them by way of seductive materials. The materials are specifically arranged in order to imbue the viewer with psychological and associational concerns. Architectural context, and the flux state of physical human conditions are explored in my work. I am interested in how we experience the inside and outside of our body within different socio-cultural institutions."

    About the Artist
    Born in Monterrey Mexico, Margarita Cabrera began her college education at the Maryland Institute of Art, and continued on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Hunter College, Magna Cum Laude. Ms. Cabrera is recipient of numerous awards and honors including The Harowitz Memorial Scholarship, membership in The Golden Key Honor Society, and a winner of the New World Art Center International Competition. In addition, she was selected to represent Hunter College as an exchange student at the Academie of Minerva in Holland for a six-month residency.

    Ms. Cabrera's work has been featured in New York exhibitions such as Weight as Real at House Gallery, War at Postmasters Gallery for Artist Bulletin Board, Par Avion International Show at Hunter College, Young Artist Exhibition at the New World Art Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Staff Show. She was also showcased as solo artist at Cazanovia College where she was in residence as a guest lecturer. Internationally, Ms. Cabrera participated in a Two Woman Show at The RKZ Gallery in Groningen, Holland.

    While in New York, Ms. Cabrera has held positions at numerous galleries including the Sculpture Center, the Alexander Gallery, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and served as an Art Educator in various summer programs including New York Summer School for the Arts and the Mt. West Montessori School in El Paso, Texas. She is currently an Artist/Lecturer for Uris Education Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while completing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at Hunter College. Upon graduation, Ms. Cabrera will be the artist-in-residence at BAR (Border Art Residency) in New Mexico where she will also hold an adjunct teaching position in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Texas, El Paso. [e-mail]

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